How to Increase your Ability to Make More Money: Episode 279 with Guy & Andrew

In Today's Episode:

  • Experience A Powerful Healing Session Guided By Andrew
  • How To Increase Your Ability To Make More Money
  • Releasing The Blocks That Have Been Holding You Back In The Past
  • Cultivating Stability In Your Body System That Allows You To Recieve
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we're excited to share with you a transformational session that you can experience for yourself, that will help you increase your ability to make more money.

If you've followed us for a while now you know that we truly value the experience when it comes to transformation. It's not just about bringing you the knowledge and wisdom, that's all great but what is really going to get you to transform is being in the experience on a regular basis.

That's why we felt it was the right time for us to share a healing experience with you guys that we had with our good friend Andrew not too long ago.

This meditation and space that was created within this group are very special and by tuning into it you get to take part in this healing yourself.

I've realized this year that transformation happens when we connect with people, not by trying to heal on our own

Guy Ferdman

When it comes to making more money and creating abundance in our lives, naturally the first thing people do is try to change their outside world. They start looking for opportunities, setting goals, and getting ready to go out there and hustle.

Nothing wrong with that, totally natural. However, what often happens is people try to create wealth from a space of lack and scarcity. And what ends up happening is that they run up against these inner blocks that lead to frustration, self-sabotage, and overall stress.

So what we are here to give you in today's session is a counterintuitive way of increasing your ability to make money. Not by hustling and bustling in the outside world, but by looking inwards, creating stability in your system, and letting go of whatever has blocked you in the past.

This is transformational – tune in!

Episode Timestamps:

01.00 Guided drop-in

18.00 Guy’s experience

24.00 Stephen’s experience

44.00 Andrews coaching

60.00 Dealing with shame

70.00 The cranky part

As humans we have the ability to choose in every moment what we wire our nervous system and brain with, it's very powerful





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