Bridging The Gap Between Sci-Fi and Science: Episode 277 with Caroline Cory

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we're so happy to bring you an awesome conversation with the great film director Caroline Cory. We talk about her latest movie “A Tear In The Sky” that's out now on Gaia, the filmmaking process, consciousness, the paranormal, and so much more.

Consciousness is fundamental. It’s from consciousness that the physical world emerges

Caroline Cory

In today's episode, we are so stoked to share with you a great conversation with the awesome film director Caroline Cory. She's such an inspiration to us and her movies and insights are beyond mind-blowing.

Firstly, Ilan recently watched her latest film “A Tear In The Sky” with his kids and they were just as blown away as he was.

Secondly, Caroline shares her incredible story of how she as a 5-year old realized that she had gifts that were perhaps not considered normal at the time and how she's used those gifts in her research and filmmaking over the years.

With the proper training we are basically validating that consciousness and attention has the ability to master the functioning of your brain

Caroline Cory

Her latest movie “A Tear In The Sky” is an award-winning documentary that takes you through an unprecedented journey into the UFO phenomenon.

With a big team of scientists, military personnel, and special guest William Shatner they attempt to re-capture in real-time the “TicTac” UFOs and other space anomalies using top-class military equipment and technology.

Moreover, Caroline was so generous when sharing the process behind the movie, the details leading up to the film being made, and how it was all put together.

We dive deeper into the talk about consciousness, the paranormal, and what humans really are capable of and it all comes together when bridging the Sci-Fi with science in a beautiful way.

Tune in!

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In Today's Episode:

  • Caroline Cory's Incredible Story and How She Got To Where She is Today
  • A Deep Dive Into The Making Of The Movie “A Tear In The Sky”
  • How The Gap Is Closing in Between Sci-Fi And Science
  • Extraordinary Findings About Consciousness And What The Future Holds
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

The key is to trust the universe. We are so much smarter and bigger on the other side than we remember

Caroline Cory


4.00 Caroline’s awesome backstory

9.00 Why is someone born with special gifts

15.30 Caroline’s first paranormal experience

18.30 What experiments she and the science team did

27.30 The new movie “A Tear In The Sky”

39.00 Theories on the paranormal

48.00 What impact did Caroline want to have with the film

56.00 What the future films will be about 

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