Hacks To Elevate Your Mind, Body, and Soul: Episode 256 with Guy & Ilan Ferdman

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we are giving you our best practices that we use to stay healthy in mind, body and soul. In this epsiode we share with you our current workout routines, eating habits, supplementation, what we do to get quality water,  sleep routines, meditation habits, and much more to help you optimize your performance and well-being. 

“Don't take our word for it, everyone is different. Go out and experiment. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Give it a week, see how your body responds.”

– Ilan Ferdman

We wanted to take time in this episode and share some of the new protocols, daily routines, how we stay in great shape, basically what we are doing in life to stay healthy in mind, body and soul.

It’s funny, even though we are so into this stuff, we research a ton, we are trying and testing a ton, but we hardly ever share it.

Most of our conversations end up being about personal development, wellness and spirituality. 

So we thought we’d take today’s episode to go down this other path and share with you some of the practices and some of the things that we are currently using, implementing to help our mind, the body and the soul to feel more in alignment, feel more alert, awake, inspired, connected, energized etc. 

Everything we share with you today is our opinion, we are not medical practitioners. One of the things that we live by is that you should always test everything for yourself. 

Over the years we have followed some of the greatest “health gurus” and tried what they teach, and it has made our bodies feel like absolute crap. So it’s not a one-size fits all. Each body is a different body, the physiology is different, where you live is different, the amount of stress that you are under is different. 

Run your own experiments, try it for a week. Test that thing, don’t change 10 things at once. See how that is making you feel. If you add more than one change in your life at a time, you will not know which one is affecting what. So try one at a time.

That being said, in today’s episode you will learn some of our best practices for great physical health, mental health and spiritual health. 

“My simple rule of thumb to maintain high energy levels thoughout the day is to eat something, that is highly nutritious and in 2 hours I won't have a full stomach anymore” 

 –  Guy Ferdman

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In Today's Episode:

  • Our Best Practices To Stay Healthy in Mind, Body and Soul
  • The Highest Levels Of Supplements We Take Daily 
  • Why And How We Quit Coffee And What To Replace It With
  • The Importance Of Sleep and Water Quality
  • How To Maintain High Level Energy After Eating Lunch
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

“The reality is you want to do the right thing 80-90% of the time. The other 10-20% you can do whatever you want with it”

–   Guy Ferdman 

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Guy and Ilan Ferdman are blood brothers and founders of Satori Prime. They have combined 36+ years of coaching in the fields of business, leadership, personal development, and spiritual growth. Their application of psychology & neuroscience combined with ancient practices of energetics gives them a unique approach to problem-solving and transforming lives. Plus, their sense of humor and charismatic nature makes their teaching style fun and effective.


4.30 Ilan’s meditation habits

7.30 Ilan’s physical morning routine

10.30 Ilan’s fasting routine

11.30 Ilan’s supplement routine 

18.30 Guy’s vitamine advice

19.30 How not to have energy levels drop at lunch

22.00 Ilan’s workout tips

24.00 The importance of sleep

26.30 Why blood tests aren’t accurate 

30.00 Listen to your own body

31.00 Why and how we gave up coffee 

36.00 Water quality

41.00 Research into quantum physics