How To Get Unstuck When You’re Feeling Stuck: Episode 253 with Guy & Mandy Ferdman

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, Guy shares openly and vulnerably about his painful growth experiences recently and we get into a deep conversation around he deals with those, how to get unstuck in life, why transformation doesn’t always look the way we perceive and how to move beyond plateaus in your personal development.

“When we are feeling stuck, it almost seems like the only thing we can do is to claw and fight our way out of it with massive action. However that's counterproductive and there is a better way”

– Guy Ferdman

Are you feeling a bit stuck in life with patterns of ‘negative' emotions and experiences happening repeatedly, despite how much work you do on your mindset and take actions towards your best life..?

Transformation doesn’t always look the way we perceive, because we might think “oh I’ve had the insight” and feel good for a moment, so therefore I have moved to the next level. 

You think you've transformed, but then the next time something triggers you, you are still at square one…

You might be aware and understand it very well, but your body doesn’t fully ‘get it'.

The thing is… until you've actually embodied it, then you will experience the same pattern over and over again. 

For example with finances. You can repeat a mantra for yourself all day, “I’m wealthy, my business is successful, but if the body doesn’t feel in an embodied place of abundance, then all of those thoughts are not changing much. It’s gonna be a consistent loop, this is going to be true of anything… 

The mind has a different speed than the body. The body is patient, almost like a cruise liner that takes a long time to make a turn. And the mind is more like a speed boat that can make the turn very quickly. 

So the real question is how do we not just reprogram what is in the mind to get unstuck, because you might have loads of insights that can change things quickly, but then you still feel the same internally and experience the same patterns over and over again. Even though you have the thought and awareness around it. 

The question is how do we foundamentally retrain the body system so that these patterns disappear for good and you are free to experience your best life. 

So, how does this actually work? 

Tune into today's episode to learn the exact tools and practices so that you can get unstuck. 

“In your mind, intellectually you might understand why your are stuck. But your life won't change because the stuckness is in the body, not the mind. ” 

 –  Guy Ferdman

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In Today's Episode:

  • How To Experience Long Lasting Deep Transformations 
  • How To Create Safety In Your Body So That You Won't Have To Escape Yourself
  • Get Breakthroughs If You Feel Like You’ve Plateaued In Your Personal Development
  • 4 Practical Steps To Getting Unstuck 
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

“What is required for any sort of healing to happen is for the body to relax and feel safe. No healing occurs until you feel relaxed and safe”

– Mandy Ferdman 

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12.40 How to deal with feeling stuck

17.00 Emotional patterns that were created in childhood

30.00 Guy's powerful transformation story

51.00 Four steps to get unstuck