How 2020 Magnifies Both Upset And Opportunity For Us All: Episode 229 with Guy & Ilan Ferdman 

In this week's episode of the Personal Development Without The Fluff podcast, we're happy to share with you an exciting conversation where we dig into the topics around the current world situation, dealing with fear, how achievement affects us from an early age and what we can learn from the pandemic. 

“When you change what’s happening inside, the outside will change.” 

 – Ilan Ferdman 

In today's episode, we're happy to bring a conversation around topics around the current world events, social media, achievement, meditation, and much more. 

As we are over the halfway point of 2020, we look back at a year that will go down in history as one of the more chaotic ones. – to say the least. 

We look into how this massive change in the world brings massive upset and also a big opportunity for growth. And why that is. 

It seems as though the pandemic has taken the worst out of people on social media, but we also realize just how blessed we are to live in a time where we can connect with each other so effortlessly.

In a society that is structured around putting people who achieve on a pedestal, how does that affect us from an early age? 

And if you are struggling with experiencing the same patterns of emotions and behavior showing up in similar situations even when you've changed location, partner, or friends…

Then you need to stay tuned to the end of this episode to learn how to finally let go. 

If you focus on your own work, you’re serving both yourself and the collective. It will lead to a more inclusive world over time. “

 – Guy Ferdman

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 In Today's Episode:

  • The Importance Of Doing The Inner Game In Times Like These
  • How Social Media Actually Saved Us During The Pandemic
  • Why The Focus On Achievement Hurts People From an Early Age
  • Learn How To Deal With Fear And Uncertainty 
  • …and much more!

“Imagine if the pandemic happened 20 years ago… If we were stuck in our houses with no internet, no way to connect to people – it would have been a very different story”  – Ilan Ferdman 

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Time Stamps:

9.00 Guy Shares Breakthroughs On Connecting With His Emotions 

14.00 How Celebrating Achievement Is Affecting Us From A Young Age

23.00 How Social Media Actually Saved Us During The Pandemic 

32.00 Why The Inner Game Will Change The Outside World