“If you look at a lot of what it is that we’ve developed into adulthood, it really is just protection mechanisms.” - Guy and Ilan Ferdman Click to Tweet

Personal Growth Tools to Improve your Life ~ EP 187 ~ Old Souls & Seekers

Life has presented each and every one of us with a unique challenge or challenges that we struggle with. Some are relationships. Some are careers. Some are self-confident. However, one thing that is constantly present in every kind of struggle is our system. Our system responds to the experiences we have in ways that it has learned to best protect itself over time. Some of these responses are helpful, but some can be stagnating or even more damaging than protective. That’s why we love to share what we’ve learned about understanding our systems and how to get your mind and body to work with you rather than against you.  

Today on 400;”>Old Souls & seekers, we decided to record a webinar where we offer specific tools to some of our amazing listeners on how they can grow in their unique struggles. The topics vary from person to person but they all tie into our overarching message of learning to understand your system at a deeply integral level.

Tune in to this webinar to hear a powerful discussion that addresses the challenges of several different listeners. We’re confident that you will find something here that will resonate with your current journey. 

For info on our masterclass mentioned in the episode, visit satoriprime.com/masterclass

Make it an amazing day!

“We come to experience what our physical-self considers as hardships; but what our soul-self sees as opportunities for growth.” - Guy and Ilan Ferdman Click to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Although there’s no secret answer or shortcut to a perfect life, there are tools to a powerful one.
  • At the core, we are all still just children. Adulthood has just added numerous layers of complexity.
  • When we judge others, we’re actually projecting from an internal unresolved issue.
  • Success and failure are two sides of the same coin.
  • When you find discomfort in challenges you face, it’s crucial to tune into why you are having this reaction.
  • When you put off the opportunities to grow that present themselves, you’re telling yourself that you’re not worthy of experiencing growth.
  • 400;”>Every aspect of your life is interconnected.