“If you override the ego-mind, all of a sudden your true self and divine mind is in charge.” - Sandra Biskind Click to Tweet

Our mind loves to think.

From making sense of the world to navigating social dynamics, our mind will find every opportunity to think through a situation.

It does this by assigning words to justify our actions. In doing so, it will make the very complex world around us seem simpler by crafting these elegant stories.

However, if we rely too heavily on this, we forget about the unconscious mind. There is an alternative to our cerebral patterns, and that lies beneath the surface, inside our ability to receive and emit energy.

On today’s episode of Old Souls & Seekers, we are joined by Sandra Biskind to discuss the unconscious mind. Sandra Biskind is a global thought leader, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and #1 bestselling author. She has a unique gift to identify and eradicate the unconscious programs that undermine success—instantly amplifying her client’s ability to live freely and thrive.

Listen to today’s episode to hear Sandra’s insights about tapping into that feeling of love deep inside of us, so we can see the perfect in everyone.

“You can’t solve a seemingly unsolvable problem if you don’t know where it is.” - Sandra Biskind Click to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Seek out mentors to learn the ropes through osmosis.
  • Choose to take radical, personal responsibility instead of seeking out stories to justify your narrative.
  • Ask yourself, “What do I want to feel?” And then seek out opportunities to feel that frequency.
  • Our conscious minds are coded by DNA and childhood imprinting.
  • On a quantum physics reality, there is only one mind and one soul.
  • You will never get to a place of clarity when you purely look at the conscious mind.
  • Studies show that the we can sense the unconscious minds of others.
  • Become the perfect demonstration of what you are teaching.
  • You can only become the best version of yourself after you’ve been set free.

Useful Links:

You can learn more about Sandra Biskind here

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