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Emotional Intelligence & Parenting | Treating your children as people | Episode 131

It’s hard to see children as anything but children.

There they are, crying and screaming, and we adults think, “What is wrong with this kid?”

But that’s exactly the problem. We view them as kids, as children—rather than as people.

When we reframe our consciousness to view children as people, we are suddenly asking ourselves a different question when the cries and screams enter our energy field.

“What is this person trying to say?”

That curiosity fuels an entirely different dialogue, one that yields more empowerment for not just the child, but for you as well.

On today’s episode of Old Souls & Seekers, we are joined by Isabel Hundt. Isabel is a certified transformation coach, and the author of The Power of Faith-Driven Success: A Journey Toward Living Your Dream.

In this discussion, Isabel discusses how she helps others as an emotions-clearing practitioner.

She is also the author of Unscripted: How Women Thrive in Life, Business, and Relationships: Real Life Advice from Women on Balancing Their Power.

Tune in to hear Isabel’s insights on how to treat children as individuals, why we must feel safe before anything else, and much more.

The Cliff Notes:

  • Your energy field has an emotional body that absorbs the energy of those around you.
  • The first step in energy work is trying to make yourself and others feel safe.
  • Take note of when you’re overextending your outward energy as a defense mechanism to absorbing other energy.
  • The minimalist movement is a response to higher levels of spiritual connection.
  • Treat children as a human-human relationship (not child-parent.)
  • Children feel safe when they’re treated as people, not children.
  • Spirituality is a deep connection with your soul, not organized religion.
  • The biggest growing sector of business today is for-benefit.

Useful Links:

You can learn more about Isabel Hundt here

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