Sufficit to say, weโ€™re living in unprecedented times. World pandemics, racial inequality, and ecological catastrophes are such large problems our small minds scramble to find answers.

Most of us look for quick answers.  Itโ€™s a โ€œsign of the timesโ€ they say.

Itโ€™s our strategy to create the illusion of safety in our individual and collective nervous systems.

We watch heads of state tell us a story and then change it so dramatically stating that โ€œitโ€™s in the public interest and we do it for the sake of national securityโ€.

I long for days when people took responsibility for their words. I take no issue with changing a stance or an opinion, humans by their nature are highly adaptable, changeable (when they want or need to be), and often hypocritical.  I find myself being a hypocritic of long-held beliefs at times as well.

Yet we find ourselves in a world without the baseline ability to be responsible for words, actions, or what they have created. The inability to root into that itโ€™s totally okay to be wrong and take responsibility for our actions has led to mob think of demanding justice to practically every nuanced part of our reality.

In desperation now, the collective will try to change the law of these lands and like an evolving body, I hope they change, I hope they bring justice, and I hope that life tips towards balance and compassion.

Laws, however, do not change the hearts and the minds of the people and itโ€™s here that I hope to investigate this further through this writing ritual of mine to see what comes forth from the flow of my presence.

Regardless of what civic changes are on the horizon, I think the bigger issue for my fellow brothers and sisters is the foundational dissolving of the healthy home life and community.

Since the pandemic started Iโ€™ve had the privilege of moving in with my in-laws. My wife, my 1-year-old, and I moved quickly from our cushy life by the beach and gave up our home of six and a half years to move in with five other warm bodies and two Pitbulls to weather the viral storm.

To be frank — itโ€™s been awesome.

I know for some this kind of scenario is hell on Earth, but for us, itโ€™s been fantastic and a divine gift. 

Weโ€™ve gotten to connect with our family more and have support with our little one in a time that would have been most needed. Itโ€™s been a time to reflect, a time to reprioritize, to heal, to get nourished.  

I understand this was not possible for everyone, and thatโ€™s the hand I was dealt, I make no apologies for ease.

In a time where our sonโ€™s personal growth is so meteoric and to have a loving family to be there day-in-and-day-out is truly a wonder to behold.

And itโ€™s here that I want to draw the dear readerโ€™s attention.

Weโ€™ve gotten away from the roots of humanity.  

Weโ€™ve gotten away from community.

At 29 my parents immigrated for the second time in their lives and left their whole family in Israel, after leaving Communist Russia just thirteen years before, to try their hand at living in the dreamland of America.

That not-so-small decision led to us living a completely different life from my known immediate family for over three decades now. And while many positives have come out of that move, I can tell you that there is a place that resides deep inside of me that has (and perhaps always will be) heartbroken.

My parents are amazing loving people, and something Iโ€™ve realized over these many years of personal and spiritual development is that what a child truly needs is not just a warm body (although that helps), what they really need is [energetic] attunement.  

Weโ€™ve created a world circumstance that has led to the individual needing to โ€˜prove themselfโ€™ through efficiency and achievement.  Where each child goes out on their own and attempts to become something.  To get a โ€˜goodโ€™ education.  To buy that perfect home. To become something that their parents can be proud of.

Iโ€™ve never met a parent who wasnโ€™t proud of their child from birth, so why then are children instilled with beliefs that only once they become something more than just themselves they are then finally lovable and acceptable?

Why do we confuse achievement with our worth?

Itโ€™s here that we come full circle to the micro of the macro.

We clearly have some very real problems in this country (and in the world). 

Entire groups of people are being grossly mistreated.  The history of America and honestly the rest of the world has always been a story of an oppressed people and oppressors.

The history of my people, the Jews has a well-documented history of enslavement and genocide, as do many others.

White America is an acculturation of white Europe is an acculturation of colonialists is an acculturation of monarchs and dictators, our history is littered with stories like these that have seeped their way into our unconscious and have become the biases that we view reality from.

And while policing is a major issue, I can think off the top of my head lots of other issues that most likely plague our black brothers and sisters in significantly higher numbers. Imprisonment, drugs, economic inequality, inaccessibility to healthcare, inaccessibility to healthy food, just to name a few.

So sure…hold the police liable for their actions.  The watchers need watchers, this has always been the conundrum of any hierarchical society or system.  

Those with power are generally blinded as was famously written in Animal Farm, โ€œAll animals are equal, but some are more equal than othersโ€.

As Iโ€™ve lived in this new home the last few months the radical pressure we each put ourselves under to succeed while also trying to properly raise a child has saddened me deeply.

This is not a question of women staying at home and men working.  That model too is absurd and ridiculous.  

The previous generation, my parentsโ€™ generation, on average saw their father for sixteen minutes a day. 

Pause — and let that sink in — sixteen minutes a day. 

There was actually no model at all for the healthy masculine in our world, and still, to this day it is a rare commodity as violence, brutality, anger, and power have distorted this otherwise safety inducing energy.

Alcohol abuse, smoking cigarettes at home, and violence to women and children in the home were perfectly acceptable in most circumstances. This abuse was rarely discussed inside the home and obviously was NEVER talked about outside of it.

These mentally and emotionally abused children become our politicians.  These are the heads of police.  These are the generals.  These are the doctors.  These are the decision-makers. 

These are the children that raised my generation and tried actively to be less like the violent impoverished homes that many of them came from. 

As we sit and reflect on what needs to change, lets first take a moment to realize what has been. All the terror, abuse, brutality, carnage, hatred that has plagued humanity and our collective souls.

The mass generational genocides, the unrealized, unmet, and unhealed aspects of our souls that have tried so hard to drive society forward for many millennials into greater fairness and equality.

We have never met A SINGLE LIVING spiritual world leader that has helped the collective unleash the burdens of this pain from the individual and collective consciousness in mass.

When questions of gun violence and bigotry arise, we can point at the laws, we can point at society all we want and until we take care of the foundation of our consciousness and hearts of this collective, it will be the equivalent of spitting into the wind.

The force of our inherited past is too great. The pain too deep.

Even in the most privileged of lives, we see suicide, drug use, violence, etc.  Money and power are not a cure for any of things, they are distractions at best, magnifications of shadow human character traits at worst.

We have a world being raised by parents who were tormented and never taught how to heal.  

The tormented often become the tormentors.

Look into the history of serial murders and the path to violence is generally clear from their childhood.

Look at mass shooters and their path of violence is generally clear from their childhood.

Look at sociopaths and their path of lack of empathy is clear generally from their childhood.

Look at suicides and that path of deep pain is clear from generally childhood.

And yes — we have those that make it out despite the odds. But these are not in the majority, they achieve despite their circumstances, and are held up as examples of greatness.

Understand that these individuals to are acting from deep despair and fear, their achievement is an indicator of their sickness, not their health.  

We hear of policemen who say they would have been criminals had they not become policemen and vice versa. The meta of this psychological power struggle playing itself out on a grand scale and on display for the world to see.

We have racism, we have children living in an unsafe environment learning that the world is a scary place to be, that they need to protect and defend themselves from this harshness. Learning their place in the world.  

How do you expect any person to act that believes the world isnโ€™t safe for them to be in?

We balk and argue about when life begins, and yet when the childโ€™s life actually begins they are put into cruel foster care systems, forgotten children that arenโ€™t attuned too by a parent or properly loved.

We put kids in school so they can become automatons and pitted against each other in a competition of the mind as if a standardized test can properly articulate or predict the genius and creativity of any boy or girl.

We have gotten lost, we have lost the foundation of what makes a human good, safe, and authentic.

We have a small window with every child in the world to let them know that they are loved and safe.  For this to happen the parents need to be available, healthy, and energetically attuned.

The parents as kids would have to have learned how to soothe their own nervous systems. They would have had to learn how to act from alignment, how to take themselves out of the fight or flight response (which most of the world currently operates from).

Imagine a world where you ate food and then immediately started sprinting everywhere while being asked to answer important questions or to get good grades, a high paying job, paying the mortgage, getting married, looking good all the time, figuring out who you are, making time for family, making time for spirituality, making time for leisure — the task nearly impossible while the system is in flux and life goes flashing by.

The nervous system lives in chronic overwhelm, stress, and anxiety state unable to rest and relax.

This is our world today.  Thereโ€™s no time for rest or silent inquiry.  We demand answers without reflection.

We ask the impossible from everyone.

Letโ€™s not forget that we expect to ALWAYS be happy or #blessed.

The dilemma today is racial inequality, but the roots are so much deeper.  They are systemic.  They are worldwide.

Hopefully, the pandemic has allowed the masses to reprioritize a few things.  

As any parent knows to raise a child comes with many challenges, nights of worry, lack of sleep, and thereโ€™s seemingly never enough time — yet itโ€™s all a privilege.  Even when in challenging moments, itโ€™s still a privilege. These children as a mentor of mine so eloquently put it, are our โ€œgrowth partnersโ€.

They are not here to learn how to fit into our world or become who we plan them to be. Itโ€™s imperative that we give them space so that we can learn who they are and why they came here.

We have spent generations telling children how to be, to become obedient and broken like the haul of society.  To chase fairy tale stories that lead them to debt and confusion. This leads them to believe they are not enough as they are. An inheritance of broken hearts and grief.

Given how most of the world has turned out why would we assume we have any answers at all?  

Weโ€™re much better served by a constant state of inquiry and openness to what is emerging now.

If we donโ€™t take a moment to see that as we take parents away from their children, as we each try to prove that weโ€™re enough, as we continue to complicate life more and more, as we never learn to soothe our nervous systems, we will inevitably continue to pass down the pain of the previous generation to the newly arrived inhabitants of our world.  

Our children will inherit our problems and our heartbreak.

They will inherit this feeling that they are not enough.

That they are not enough as they are to receive love.

That this world is not safe.

The world not being safe is the outcry of the world we see today, a world that is starving for a new kind of leadership.

A world that is crying out for care.

A world that is crying out for safety and peace.

Until we change the heart and the mind of the individual, then any law (as we have seen) will have a short appeal and even less effect.

Continue to protest if that is what is in your heart.

Continue to make your voices heard if that is what is in your heart.
Continue to fight against oppression if that is what is in your heart.

Remember though, that when you go homeโ€ฆ

…to your family.

…to your wife.

…to your husband.

…to your children.

…to your community.

In front of you are most likely people with incredible heartbreak, who never got to truly feel or learn in their informative years that this world is good and safe.

The things they do, the places they act from are informed by that long history.  Their soul carries it on through their lineage of oppression.

If we want this world to change, we get to change ourselves first and foremost.

We need to learn to attune to one another.  

To teach our systems that the world is good.

That this world is safe.

No individual can do this alone. Iโ€™ve tried, fuck Iโ€™ve tried.

We are a specie built on the merits of the community.

The ME has to become the WE for this transformation to take place.

It is our responsibility if we choose to take up this mantle to shift our own nervous systems, to choose to upgrade our DNA, unleash our consciousness to the place that the awakened minds of the past and present speak of.

Remember that a famous wise man once said, โ€œTruly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do, and greater works than these.โ€

One of my favorite channels, Paul Selig in his latest transcription claimed that we are not claiming Christโ€™s consciousness, the Christ consciousness is claiming us.

Look around and see the great opportunity of our time, we are all witness sitting in the front row seat to the greatest show that has ever taken place on our planet in quite some time.

Are we going to stand up and be equal to the task?

This choice I leave to the individual and how each of us, each wave in this great ocean of consciousness chooses to show up for each other, for all living creatures, and for this homeworld that breathes life into each of us.

The children request that we show up better for ourselves first, learn to attune to each other, so that we may show up in attunement for them and teach them about a world that is safe at its foundation.  

When every child on this planet knows they are safe, truly the world will transform and be prosperous with the most abundant resource — love.

Sending you as much love and blessings that you can receive on this day.

The Knight of Light, Guy Ferdman

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